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How to achieve your desires in life? Learn the secret behind simple application of Feng Shui concept and you will begin to see some changes in your destiny. It can be like facing one of your best directions to tap the positive energy of Qi and attract the good luck and forune. Discover how to utilize Bazi uncover your 10 years cycle of luck ...

Destiny Starmap Guardian Crest Backpack

Back of bag includes two adjustable black nylon canvas straps.

Front flap includes tonal screenprint map artwork, diagonal faux-leather strip with starmap print, and silver-finish metal seatbelt-style buckle. Each side of bag include a black mesh pocket with elastic band enclosure.

Destiny Starmap Guardian Crest Backpack
Destiny Starmap Guardian Crest Backpack

Body of bag has all-over Guardian Crest tonal artwork screenprinted on nylon outer. Interior of bag features a padded laptop/tablet sleeve with snap enclosure, and a smaller cargo pocket. Sides of bag include button-snaps near the top for additional enclosure.

Right side of bag features Guardian Crest embroidery.

Get the Officially Licensed destiny star map Guardian crest backpack. The backpack features a nylon shell with buckled star map closure strap, a Guardian crest patch and the padded laptop sleeves fit most 15 inch laptops. It also Includes a mesh side pocket an Custom interior lining. Buy your Destiny Starmap Guardian Crest Backpack here

Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
Become a master potter and also a master squatter!

The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories respond to your real-world movements, allowing the game to turn them into in-game actions.

With additional minigames and customizable workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a great escape for players of all skill levels and schedules.

Explore a fantastical adventure World to defeat a bodybuilding Dragon and his minions using real-life exercises Traverse grass-swept plains by jogging in place, attack enemies with overhead shoulder presses, and Refill your health meter by striking some Yoga poses. Two new accessories, Ring -con and leg strap, measure your real-world actions and help turn them into in-game movements. With additional mini games, Ring fit adventure is great escape for players of all skill levels and schedules. In adventure mode, defeat enemies with attacks based on real-world exercises As you work through each level (and possibly work up a Sweat), you'll earn experience points. Between fights, you may encounter some unusual methods of transportation such as squat-powered launch pads, and more Want to compete with others? Pass around the ring-con accessory and select from a few mini games: break boxes with GUSTs of air, craft pottery using squats and many others.
• An adventure game that's also a workout
• level-up your character and yourself
• Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using real-life exercise
• jog, Sprint, and high knee through dozens of levels
• control in-game movements with the new ring-con and leg strap accessories
• play a long-form adventure or shorter mini games suitable for most skill levels and schedules
• check your estimated pulse rate with the built-in IR motion sensor

Buy Here Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch.


My friends were the ones that got me into Destiny. Naturally when our fireteam was set, I ended up being a hunter (by choice of course). I bought this as a nice gift to signify our friendship.

My boyfriend loves his portion of the keychain (the Titan banner) and normally hates carrying keychains. He loves how light it is and how he feels like his keys are comfy in his pocket as opposed to weird chunky figurine kind of keychains.

The metal destiny logo keychain I ended up using for my backpack. The weight is nice for when I want it to keep zipped and dont want it being caught so easily.

Loved this product!

Jean Salenga - October 29
Destiny Starmap Guardian Crest Backpack

Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch

If you enjoyed Wii Fit series of games, you'll like this one too. Difference is that the accessories are lighter and focus more on cardio than yoga/strength training; although those are included too.

This game is more engaging than wii fit plus. Better progression system through a lengthy adventure mode vs objective based content of wii fit (also included).

Wii fit focuses more on yoga and strength training, while ring fit more on cardio and toning. It's faster paced and encourages more variety.

Amount you'll sweat depends on how active you are before purchasing that game. If you don't go to the gym often you'll more likely sweat more than someone who does. If you already have a daily workout routine this is a nice supplement, pre workout

Going through everything by category/game modes

Vincent - October 18
Have Fun While Being Active. Great Progression System