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ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble

Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award winner

This gravity powered logic maze is sure to put your visual perception and reasoning skills to the test. The towers can be arranged in a wide variety of visually stimulating structures but, for each challenge, you’ll have to think carefully to build a path that will carry your marble to the Target Tower.

Your Goal:
Create a maze that will carry a marble from the Start Position to the Target Tower.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award winner
Gravity Maze Marble

Select a challenge and set up the towers on the game grid to match.

Determine where to add the indicated towers to the grid.

Position the towers so that the marble falls from the Start Position to the Target Tower and — you win.

Gravity Maze is one of ThinkFun's most popular stem toys for boys and girls, and was a Toy of the Year Award winner in 2017, in the Specialty Category. It's a gravity powered maze game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and is one of the best gifts you can buy for kids who like smart games and a challenge. Gravity Maze is made with high quality components, and comes with a very clear and easy to understand instruction manual - you'll be able to play within minutes of opening the box. Like all of ThinkFun's games, Gravity Maze is built to develop critical thinking skills. Playing through the increasingly difficult challenges will improve logical reasoning, spatial reasoning and planning skills, all through fun gameplay.

Trusted by Families Worldwide - With over 50 million sold, ThinkFun is the world's leader in brain and logic games.

Develops critical skills – Playing your way through the challenges builds spatial reasoning and planning skills, and is partly an engineering and building toy that provides a great stealth learning experience for young players.

What you get – Gravity Maze is a combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy that's one of the best gifts you can buy for boys and girls age 8 and up. It contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles.

Clear instructions – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!

Comes with multi-level challenges - Gravity Maze comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges that become increasingly difficult as you play through them.

Get your Gravity Maze Marble here today!

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink, Amazon Exclusive, Toys, Gift for Girls, Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

All-in-One Art Set

Give kids the confidence to create with the included coloring board and art supplies! They can place any of the 10 tracing sheets on the Light Up Tracing Pad, then use a blank sheet and the graphite pencil to trace the image before adding their own flair. The art kit lets kids choose from over 100 traceable images, which helps guide their creativity without requiring them to draw an individual scene from scratch. The 12 short colored pencils make coloring and embellishing the traced design smooth and easy.

Glow in the Dark

Drawing in the dark brings a new element to their artistry. The LED drawing tablet illuminates the tracing sheets so kids can be imaginative at night or in daylight. Plus, the glow in the dark fun gives kids the freedom to express themselves in an inventive way at home and on the go!

Gift for Girls

The pink Light up Tracing Pad makes a great girls’ present for birthdays or holidays. This gift for girls has horse and fashion show pictures to trace, plus there are more templates online that can be downloaded for free. They’ll love drawing, coloring, shading, and adding fine details to their mini masterpieces! Wrap up a pink activity pad for a special occasion and delight a little lady with a sleek tablet design made especially for her.

Kids can draw like a pro with the Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad in pink, featuring over 35 art tools to inspire the imagination. Using the included fashion and animal tracing sheets, or the hundreds of downloadable online images, children ages six and older can draw creative scenes with crisp, clean lines. The kit includes a graphite pencil, tracing sheets, blank sheets, as well as colored pencils for drawing, illustrating, and coloring. The pad runs on three AA batteries (not included) and makes tracing easy, fun, and accessible. This makes a great travel activity pad, and is perfect as a girl’s holiday or birthday present idea!

Get your Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad here today!


I used to really be a sucker for any of the puzzle games like Rush Hour and the like. Logic puzzle types of games that would gradually increase in difficulty and be something all (or most) of the kids could work with to just force them to think differently.

But we were forever losing pieces and I just don't have any of them left any more.

Laser Maze is a puzzle like that, only since it is more "game-like" as far as size, I think we'll have an easier time keeping track of it. The basic idea is that you have various pieces with mirrors and angles, and one piece that emits a laser-light. The cards tell you where you must place various pieces (and sometimes exactly what direction the piece must be in, sometimes you have to figure out the direction to face it), and you set those up that way. The card also tells you how many and which other pieces you need to put somewhere on the board. You need to then position the pieces in such a way that when you depress the laser, it will light up the appropriate target.

It is far more straightforward than that description sounds, at least at the easy levels. Once you work up to the harder levels, you definitely need to be really thinking. Especially for spatially challenged individuals like me. Once you figure out a solution, you can flip the card over to see if you are right. So far, none of us have found a different solution than what is on the card.

As you work up in difficulty, you are introduced to different piece types. The base of the pieces are color-coded, so it is always pretty easy to figure out which one is which.

The only real complaint I have about this is with the storage. The box has a plastic insert that allows you to safely store all the pieces, and every tall piece fits into any of the little compartments. One compartment is a little bit deeper than the others, and that is where you are supposed to put the laser piece. The laser piece, however, will fit into any of the other compartments, but just sticks up a bit.

Which isn't all that noticeable if you are, say, an 11-year-old. (The game is for ages 8+)

If (hypothetically speaking) you are 11, and you put the pieces back any old way, put the cover on the box, and put the box back on the game shelf... then the next person to come along and play with it is going to find that the laser piece needs a new battery. Because it has been stored with the laser-activator-button pushed down.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I do really wish that either a) all of the little wells in the plastic were just a smidge deeper, so it wouldn't matter which piece was put where, or b) the spot where the laser-piece goes would be far more blatantly obvious, such as the plastic being colored to match the piece types.

The good thing is that we discovered that it is really easy to replace the battery in that laser-piece, and it is a fairly common watch battery. At least, it is one we already had around the house, and we don't have all that many of the watch battery types around.

Debra Brinkman - October 12
Make sure you put the pieces away correctly!